Wayne Curry- Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend


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Wayne's Detailed Plans for the Community:


13 Pt. Economic Plan

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Education and Kids in South Bend Plan

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Crime Reduction Plan

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ill titleWayne Curry's 13 Pt. Plan for Economic Development

To start with, I will use this analogy. If you were to sell your home, you wouldn’t just put a for sale sign in the front yard with the yard overgrown and roof leaking and paint peeling etc… You would mow the grass, landscape, and paint and do all the necessary repairs to attract a buyer.
In a like manner we need to see our city this way. We need to make all the necessary repairs to our city to make it shine again, and people and businesses will flock to our city once again. The best thing we can do for local businesses is bring them more customers (more people to live in our city).
A.)Prioritize Economic Gardening (growing existing businesses) before we go Economic Hunting ( looking to bring in new businesses). Make it a habit to call on businesses and see what we can do to help them grow, just as Mishawaka does.
B.) Also focus on local small business growth. Most of our job growth is coming from companies with fewer than 10 employees. This is where most new jobs will come from.
C.)South Bend shall learn to compete locally with Mishawaka and surrounding cities in our region.
To explain, our neighborhoods have to be viewed just as safe and clean and taken care of as Mishawaka neighborhoods. Our Economic policies need to be viewed just as friendly towards businesses as Mishawaka, etc…  Not until we can compete locally will we begin to see our city prosper as we want it to. In South Bend being more competitive locally, as a region we will become more competitive.
D.)I will hire a Top Notch Economic Development Director and restructure that department.
E.)Create an Economic Advisory Panel comprised of local business leaders to advise on how to make South Bends Economic Policies Business friendly and pro job growth. There are many competing Economic Development organizations in our city. We need them to start working more closely with each other
F.)Stream line our local government and make it more customer friendly and efficient. Also improve inner department communication.
G.) Unlike current administration, I will work with the Governor of our state, regardless of political party,( putting politics aside) for the betterment of our city and the people in it.
H.) I will not allow the city to unnecessarily waste tax payers money funding private projects upfront (like the family dollar. I will allow the use of tax payer dollars for infrastructure when needed, and allow for Tax abatements after the developing entity has invested into our community to help them to succeed, and thanking them for their investment in our city.  In giving them a break on the back end , we have not taken any money out of public coffers, but only given the investor an  incremental  break on future taxes they will have to pay.
I.) I will lobby the State to allow us to give Tax Abatements to folks who invest in EXISTING residential and commercial buildings. I believe this would help out tremendously with the vacant building problem.
One example is that some states freeze property taxes on buildings until they exchange hands.
If you buy a building for 30k, and then put another 50k into it to bring it up to code and use it, then your property taxes are locked in at 30k value until you sell it. Then the new buyer would then pay taxes on the new assessed value. In this manner investors are not punished for fixing up buildings and be taxed for their investments. Whether we allow this abatement to last forever or 5 years, would be up for discussion.
 J.) I also think that property taxes should be frozen for seniors. It is not right for an elderly person, on a fixed income to get taxed out from under their home.
K.)I will not allow the City powers to be abused for the sake of developers. Preservation of Individual rights is more important than the ambitions of the developers to acquire land quickly and cheaply. It is the City’s place to make sure people are treated fairly, and not to take sides in these situations.
L.) It is important for the City to realize that it is not automatic that the new businesses that come from Innovation Park will locate at Ignition Park. Mishawaka is competing for these jobs as well as other areas. We need to make sure we work closely with Notre Dame and the tech park to give our city a fighting chance in getting these companies to want to build in South Bend. WE MUST BE COMPETITIVE HERE!
M.)We must get our taxes down to be competitive. Better management and fiscal accountability are a must.