Wayne Curry- Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend


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Wayne's Detailed Plans for the Community:


13 Pt. Economic Plan

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Neighborhoods Plan

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Education and Kids in South Bend Plan

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Crime Reduction Plan

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ill titleWayne Curry’s plan to help prepare children for school and life and assist the SBCSCS.

1.)Adopt an initiative similar to the Allen County “Great Kids Make Great Communities Initiative”
     A.)There are 40 basic building blocks or assets to instill in a child to make a well-rounded productive adult. Average teenager has only 18 of these assets, which is why so many get into trouble. Of Children with fewer than 10 of these assets , 42% use drugs, 61% engage in violence etc… Of Children who have over 30 of these assets only 1% use drugs and only 6% engage in violence etc…
    B.)Assets include honesty, responsibility, religion, positive role models, reads for pleasure, cares about their neighborhood, has high levels of support from family, integrity, restraint and etc…
   C.)As a community, Government, churches, parents, neighbors, neighborhood and civic groups, schools friends and family members can work towards instilling these assets into children before they become adults. Children become what we put into them as a community. Many kids are being raised by kids and don’t know what to do and didn’t receive these assets themselves. They need help.  As an example, a local civic club could offer a seminar for kids on integrity on a Saturday and kids and parents could show up and kid would understand integrity and its importance by end of seminar. Likewise churches could offer child seminars. A parent could meet with their child’s teacher at a parent teacher conference and see if there was some way for teacher to help instill a particular asset while child was in class.
   D.)Most of the problem lies in that some children are not prepared to learn when they get to school. As a community we can go a long way towards addressing this problem.

2.)I would seek to fund after school programs to help keep kids out of trouble.

3.)I would like to see more Centers like the Robinson Community Learning Center in our community and do what I can to help this happen.

4.)I would meet with members of the School Board and the Superintendent to see what I can do to aide in supporting their efforts to improve the SBCSC schools and their ability to educate our young people.

5.)In shrinking the size if TIF Districts, the schools would not be cheated out of the money they are due from the property taxes that current administration has been squandering on things like the Family dollar other land purchase giveaways.   

6.)We have a lot of homes that need rehabbed in our community. We could work with the School system to expand vocational education while we fix up our neighborhoods.