Wayne Curry- Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend


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13 Pt. Economic Plan

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Education and Kids in South Bend Plan

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Crime Reduction Plan

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South Bend, "A Place to Call Home"

Hello, my name is Wayne Curry and I am a Republican Candidate for South Bend Mayor.

Email me at wayne@waynecurry4mayor.com 

I am running for Mayor because I love this city I call home and l am committed to making it better.

I have owned and operated Wayne Curry Construction for 22 years, where I do interior and exterior remodeling and home modifications for the elderly and disabled.

I bought a 600 square foot burned house in 1993 and rehabbed it into a 2 story blue and gold home located just south of Notre Dame and Eddy Street Commons where I still reside.

I ran for South Bend Common Council At Large in 2007 and for County Council in 2008, unsuccessfully

I believe in our city and in making it better. The people of our city are its greatest strength, as I have worked with many of them,

volunteering our time since the mid 1990’s, making our city better.
Some of the civic groups and organizations I have worked with our neighbors in are the Northeast Neighborhood Council, the Community Oriented Policing Leadership Council, Daisy Hall Park, the Youth Justice Project at the Robinson Community Learning Center and the Neighborhood Resources Corporation.

I also served as Chairman of the Economic Development Panel for the Civic Alliance of City Plan from 2003 to 2006. During that period, business owners, civic groups and individuals were interviewed on what was done right and wrong in South Bend over many decades. From that information, solutions were formulated to guide our City forward for the next 20 years.

My plan for South bend is a simple one, yet challenging.

South Bend…A Place to Call Home.

South Bend’s problems are not unique. Many larger cities are experiencing the same problems. What happens over time, for numerous reasons, is that people with disposable income leave the city centers for the suburbs and elsewhere, taking their money with them .

This has a negative impact on local commerce, causing loss of jobs and lost revenue to local businesses as well as creating a shortage in tax revenue to the city because of fewer homeowners to pay property taxes.

We must reverse this trend if we wish to correct the problems we are facing today.

We need people to start moving back into South Bend to turn things around.

So let’s get to work!

1.) Economic Growth and Job Creation.

A.)We need to do more Economic Gardening! Most new jobs are being created with companies with fewer than 10 employees. We need to cultivate our own existing business environment first.
B.)South Bend needs to be a better competitor when it comes to bringing in new businesses. We are viewed as an unfriendly city toward business. We must change that! I will appoint a Business Advisory Board to the City comprised of local business leaders. The first thing we will do is review every economic development policy the city has and rewrite how we do business in South bend.
C.) We will hire a top notch Economic Development Director

2.)Crime Reduction

A.) I want to thank all the men and women police officers that keep our city safe
B.)I will keep the take home squad car program, as in giving a larger police presence with off duty squad cars, our city is safer.
C.)I would like to adopt a program similar to” Focus on Four Program” in Tampa Florida which has used many new tactics including  enhanced Community Oriented Policing Techniques, to reduce crime by 57 percent.

3.)Neighborhood Development

A.)We need a housing and land inventory done to make a block by block plan to rebuild our neighborhoods..
B.) We build and rehab in clusters( 10 -20 homes at a time). A single home will have a hard time holding its value, but many together can.  Involve several private partners for this.

4.) Stabilize the General Fund without raising taxes.

A.)We need to grow our way out of this, not tax our way out of it.
B.)TIF Districts are where the growth has been occurring, shorting the General Fund. We need to begin to shrink the size of the TIF districts and put that money in the General Fund. Also , we can see if the TIF districts could pay the General Fund for the Police and Fire services they use.

5.) Promote and initiate “Great Kids Make Great Communities” type initiative which has its model in Ft. Wayne, IN

Basically the Foelinger  Foundation did a study of 250,000 kids in 450 schools and found 40 basic Assets or building blocks a child should have to become a productive member of society.(Dubbed-Building Assets in Our Children into Assets in Our Community). Examples of assets are, has parental support, does homework, reads 3 hours a week, school has clear rules and consequences, friends are positive role models, etc…

A study found that of children with 0-10 assets that 61% were involved in violence,42% illegal drugs,53% alcohol abuse, 25% maintain good health, 34% value diversity and 7% succeed in school.
By contrast, children with 31-40 assets, 6% engaged in violence, 1% illegal drugs,3% alcohol abuse,88% maintained good health,88% valued diversity and 53% succeed in school.
Embracing an initiative like this as a community would better prepare children to do well in school, and alone could reverse our public school image.

I am Wayne Curry, Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend.
Vote for me on May 3rd and let’s get started” Building a Better Tomorrow!”

Wayne Curry
Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend
1050 Burns Ave
South Bend In. 46617