Wayne Curry- Republican Candidate for Mayor of South Bend


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Wayne's Detailed Plans for the Community:


13 Pt. Economic Plan

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Neighborhoods Plan

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Education and Kids in South Bend Plan

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Crime Reduction Plan

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ill titleWayne Curry’s Plan for Neighborhood Development/Housing/Quality of life

First we must remember SWOT when we go into a neighborhood and make a plan.
We must Identify  Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T).
Once we have this information we can make a strong and guided revitalization plan for this area. We engage all stake holders in this process such as homeowners, neighbors, landlords, businesses etc…, in making this assessment , then we move forward with a plan with” buy in” from all those involved.

Some general changes/improvements that would apply to all neighborhoods would be,

A.)I would do a block by block, house by house assessment of all existing housing and categorize homes into ones that are ok, homes that can be rehabbed, and homes that need to be demolished. Once this is done, home rehabilitation and infill housing could begin in designated areas.

B.)In doing infill housing and home rehabs, I would seek out several partners, such as Habitat for Humanity and private contractors and do groups of 10 to 20 homes at a time. In Building/rehabbing in clusters, we protect our combined investment in holding a good resale value. If homes are built 1 at a time in these areas, they will not even be worth the money that was spent to fix them up.

C.)Better code enforcement and better funding of code enforcement

D.)Make neighborhoods a priority with City Funds. Stop the Current misusing tax payer money on things like the Family dollar purchase and Coveleski  Stadium and land purchases for private developers and remodeling  privately owned buildings. Use some of this money to clear  the condemned and run down housing attracting so many problems in our neighborhoods..

E.)Have more neighborhood clean-up days with volunteers and use city trucks and City funded dumpsters to put debris in. We use to do this in my neighborhood in the 90s. It makes a big difference.

F.)Have a tougher, competent City Attorney to deal with these neighborhood problems and go after problematic property owners.

G.)Increased police patrols when needed.

H.)Make neighborhood crimes a priority. People must feel safe in their own neighborhoods in order for us to survive as a city. Children should not have to learn to duck and cover from gunfire in our city!

I.)Make ALL SIDEWALKS in our city walkable! Repair streets and curbs.

J.) Have regular meetings with Council representatives from each district to address their concerns. Let them take a lead role in implementing solutions to problems in their districts.

K.)Take my department heads for a walk and talk in various neighborhoods at least 2 times a month. In seeing neighborhood problems first hand and talking to those who live in these areas, it will give them a better handle on what needs to be done in these neighborhoods. Then after we have thought about it , we will have a meeting and implement the necessary resources to address these problems. Being there in person and seeing these things first hand should help them see what needs to be done.